Intense competition breeds excellence and continues to raise the collective bar in nearly everything we do. The meteoric surge in the NFT and cryptocurrency communities has been nothing short of breathtaking. Sports and Entertainment have been the single most captivating and valuable collectibles for decades and have now taken center stage among NFTs. 

Agencies, athletes, fans, and now art collectors are paying record amounts for this digital gold. The key and most critical component to this puzzle is now in place, the Artist. NFTs are being released daily by people of all ages and backgrounds but the single most admired artists have been hiding in plain sight working in the Entertainment and Film Industries for over three decades.

Mary Ellen Schrock has emerged as the first major Artist to partner directly with any athlete to capture perhaps one of the most memorable moments in sports simply known as “The Shot.” This game-winning buzzer beater by Kris Jenkins delivered Hall of Fame Coach Jay Wright his first National Title as a head coach of Villanova, upsetting top ranked powerhouse North Carolina cementing its place in major sports history.  Her digital showcase spans the who’s who, including Disney, Warner Brothers, AEG, Universal, Paramount, Oprah Winfrey, Coca-Cola, USA Boxing, and more earning countless industry awards.

The most relevant icon of College Basketball in the month of March Kris Jenkins selected Alex Fahmy.  The two then added Silicon Valley veteran Michael Giuliano, a fellow Division One Athlete, to quarterback this engagement.  “I have admired Michael’s work in high-tech for over twenty years and am excited to be working directly with him as he is a team first guy and builds world class teams” said Schrock.  

Giuliano added, “My primary focus is to put BOTH the Artist AND Athletes first as the customer should only care about that.  They are the ones that make the moments and create the value; therefore, they should be at the forefront of all projects. We saw this disrupt the entire music industry and I enjoy doing the same here.”

This groundbreaking experience will pair the NFT Artwork of “The Shot” and Jenkins’ game worn shoes from the iconic moment being hand delivered and signed to the buyer.  Historic moments captured by the most sought after Artists to now include one of one memorabilia will set new records in the NFT space.  “…this will be the first digital monument to perhaps the biggest championship moment in college basketball” -Nataliya Lloyd (London, UK Celebrity Podcast Host and Art Collector).