Moscow, October 22: A combined vaccine that would protect from both flu and coronavirus (COVID-19) is being developed in Russia. According to a report by Sputnik News, Russia's Scientific Center of Virology and Biotechnology, Vector, is working on developing a combined vaccine against flu and COVID-19. Russia has registered two vaccines against COVID-19 and is also developing a third one.

"Our centre is currently working on a combined vaccine against the coronavirus and seasonal flu," Vector's Director Rinat Maksyutov said at the Valdai Discussion Club forum. Vector has registered anti-coronavirus vaccine "EpiVacCorona", the second vaccine after "Sputnik V" which was registered as the world's first coronavirus vaccine in August. Maksyutov said "EpiVacCorona" is safe for people. COVID-19 Treatment: Russia Registers Two Antiviral Drugs For Treating Patients With Coronavirus.

"The vaccine is absolutely safe both for healthy volunteers, people suffering from chronic conditions and allergies, and elderly people. We are even looking into the possibility to conduct clinical trials on children, aged from 14-17, the composition of the vaccine will not be changed," Maksyutov was quoted as saying. COVID-19 Vaccine EpiVacCorona: Key Things to Know About Russia's Second Anti-Coronavirus Drug.

  • Russia registered the world's first coronavirus vaccine "Sputnik V" on August 11.
  • "Sputnik V" is developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute and the Russian Direct Investment Fund.
  • The second anti-coronavirus vaccine "EpiVacCorona" is a peptide synthetic vaccine based on a recombinant virus.
  • Russia’s third anti-coronavirus vaccine is being developed by the Chumakov Centre.
  • The clinical trials of the potential vaccine candidate, involving 300 volunteers, is set to finish by December 2020.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said it is necessary to roll out vaccination against the coronavirus across the country. He emphasised that vaccination of Russians against coronavirus is the top priority and is more important than the export of vaccines.

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