Did you know there existed a day dedicated completely to Flossing? Yes, it is called the Flossing Day or National Flossing Day, celebrated in the USA a day after Thanksgiving. It makes sense because people tend to eat a lot on Thanksgiving which means dental health on that day may take a backseat if people get lazy after all that food. It is always important to learn some good dental habits of people who have great teeth and an overall dental care routine, but if you don't have one let's talk to you about the importance of flossing when it comes dental care. People have always had queries like what is the importance of flossing or whether or not it should be done before brushing. Well, today would be a good day to discuss these.

Taking care of your teeth is of prime importance. Apart from keeping bad breath at bay, it also fights cavities, gum disease, etc. It improves your overall dental health and also keeps your pearly whites, white for real! Know Everything About Dental Care During Pregnancy.

Importance of Flossing

Flossing may seem like a tedious task, too much for very little results BUT did you know that if you ditch flossing, bacteria can get stuck in your gum pockets and damage teeth and gum health? Daily flossing will remove all the food bits making your teeth less prone to cavities and other gum diseases.

Right Way to Floss

Many people think that flossing in fact creates friction that in turn does damage to their gums and teeth, BUT if done the right way,  it can have more benefits than you think! It is advised that you wrap the floss around your tooth in a "C" shape. After this you need to go down the gum line and back up BUT remember to be very gentle. You don't want to injure your gums.

Should You Floss Before Brushing?

This is a question that confuses many people. While some floss before brushing some do it after, BUT the right way is to floss before brushing because brushing before flossing can cause food, plaque, and bacteria released by flossing to remain in your mouth. Therefore by brushing you clean out the filth that the floss takes out!

Make sure to include flossing in your dental care. However, recently a study showed the other side of using dental floss. It revealed how flossing could also contribute to elevated levels of toxic chemicals that can lead to health problems, especially in women, including kidney and testicular cancer, high cholesterol, low birth weight, among others, says a study led by US-based Silent Spring Institute.

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