Alcohol consumption is pretty much a part of parties. Many individuals find having a pint of beer, a vodka drink along with friends and loved ones a good hangout experience. Having alcohol mostly comes along with the hangover effect which can make one feel uneasy the next day. Be it a birthday celebration, wedding ceremony, bachelor party or any other get-together, alcohol seems to make its way through. Drinking your favourite beer or scotch or any other alcoholic beverage might be fun, however, the aftereffect can cause some irritations. How to Party All Night And Yet Not Wake Up Tipsy With A Headache!

Drinking excessive alcohol indeed has various side effects, however, a hangover is the most common one. Its symptoms include fatigue, headache, nausea, dizziness, thirst and sensitivity to light or sound. Drinking interferes with brain activity during sleep, so, a hangover may be a form of sleep deprivation. Alcohol can also trigger migraines which are quite frustrating and painful. Let's take a look at how to get hangover cures, which include having heavy breakfast and staying hydrated. Tried and Tested Hangover Tips to NOT Have a Miserable Morning.

Fives Ways to Get Rid of Hangover

1. Having Heavy Breakfast 

One of the best remedies to get over a hangover is by having a lavish healthy breakfast. A good morning meal the very next day can help maintain blood sugar levels. As per a study published in the National Institute of Health, low blood sugar could contribute to some hangover symptoms, such as nausea, fatigue and weakness. In addition to helping reduce certain hangover symptoms, having a healthy breakfast can provide important vitamins and minerals, which may become depleted with excessive alcohol intake.

2. Getting Plenty of Sleep 

Alcohol consumption may interfere with sleep. As per a study published in the National Institute of Health, higher amounts of alcoholic beverage intake can ultimately disrupt sleep patterns. Lack of sleep could contribute to hangover symptoms such as fatigue, irritability and headaches. Getting a good night’s sleep and allowing your body to recover may help alleviate symptoms and make a hangover more bearable.

3. Staying Hydrated 

Alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration in many ways, the major reason being its diuretic effect, which increases the production of urine, leading to a loss of fluids and electrolytes that are needed for normal functioning. Increasing your water intake may help alleviate some symptoms of hangovers and even prevent them altogether.

4. Hair of the Dog 

In this concept, you will have to drink the next morning to get over the hangover effect. As per a study published in the National Institute of Health, drinking ethanol (alcohol) when you have a hangover can prevent the formation of formaldehyde, which is a major cause of alcohol aftereffects.

5. Use of Ginger 

As per a study published in the National Institute of Health, combining ginger with brown sugar and tangerine extract improves several hangover symptoms, including nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

The above-mentioned remedies can help cure hangovers. However, it is always safe to drink in moderation. Also, try to have a drink that is low in congeners like gin and rum, as it decreases the severity of hangovers.

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