We cannot stay in lockdown forever, which is why the workplaces around the world are slowly reopening. But coronavirus still lurks within our communities. And anyone whom you perceive as healthy could be asymptomatic and therefore, a carrier. It is not unnatural to feel unsure or unsafe about going back to work. But while you do that, here are a few precautions you can take while you travel back to your office and work jointly with your colleagues. Read on!

Maintain Your Hygiene and Safety Habits

The virus spreads faster in closed office spaces with minimum ventilation. From washing your hands to wearing masks, continue with those habits you intensified over the last few months. Travelling in the Age of Coronavirus- Will Tourism Look Different After Life in Lockdown?

  • To make wearing a mask all day a bit more comfortable, add a drop of cloves essential oil to help you breathe better.
  • Invest in cleaning supplies, from wipes to sprays to antibacterial cleaning solutions. Wipe your keyboards, phones and computers everyday.
  • Never put your bags on the floor ever or even on the pantry tables absent-mindedly.

Avoid Unnecessary Contact With Other

Not everyone around you will take precautions so keep reminding them about social distancing. Unlock 1: Precautions & Hygiene Practices To Follow As India Continues To Battle COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • Avoid public transport as much as possible. You can also request your company to stagger your work time.
  • You must be missing those shared meals with your colleagues but avoid doing that. Enforce social distancing as best you can.
  • Also, dial the extension numbers instead of meeting at the work tables.

Keep Your Immune System Strong

Stress will bring your immunity down, so you will have to cut back on all the chronic stress. When stressed, your fear hijacks your higher brain prompting you to make unwise decisions. COVID-19 Hygiene Habits: Can Using Hand Sanitiser Corrode Your Jewellery? Here's How to Clean and Sanitise Your Diamonds and Precious Gemstones.

  • To calm yourself down, take deep breaths, making sure that when you breathe in, your belly is filling up with air.
  • Get enough sleep and switch off all the television, or computers an hour before bedtime. Never go to bed with your phone.
  • Eat healthful meals with immune-boosting foods.

Do not shy away from asking your HR what provisions they have for COVID-19 to keep you safe and boost your mental health during these times. At the end of the day we need to come up with a win-win solution, the one that works for you and the organization.

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