International Tea Day 2020: From Green Tea to Chamomile Tea, Here Are Five Type of Teas With Various Health Benefits
International Tea Day 2020 (Photo Credits: File Image)

International Tea Day 2020 is being observed on May 21. Previously, this event used to take place on December 15. However, on December 21, 2019, the United Nations decided that from 2020, the International Tea Day would be celebrated on May 21 annually. United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) leads the observance of International Tea Day. The International Tea Day aims to raise awareness about the long history, the cultural and economic aspect associated with tea around the world. On the occasion of International Tea Day 2020, LatestLY brings you a look at different types of teas along with their health benefits. International Tea Day 2020: These Funny Memes and Jokes Perfectly Describe Your Love For This Beverage.

Tea is a beverage made from the camellia sinesis plant. Tea is the world’s most-consumed drink, after water. This beverage is said to have roots in northeast India, north Myanmar and southwest China. However, the exact place where the plant first grew is not known. It is very important for the tea industry to rise as its production and processing constitute the main source of livelihoods for millions of families in developing countries. In the Indian subcontinent region, tea is mostly consumed along with milk. According to a study published on ‘Independent and Joint Effects of Tea and Milk Consumption on Oral Cancer Among Non-Smokers and Non-Drinkers’ in the National Institute of Health, 1,800 adults in China found that tea combined with milk can reduce the risk of oral cancer. From Reducing Puffiness to Brightening Your Skin, Here’s How Applying Green Tea Bags Under Your Eyes Can do Wonders!

Different Types of Teas With Health Benefits

1. Green Tea - It is prepared from steamed leaves and has high concentration of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) compound which has a positive impact on health. Green tea's antioxidants can help burn fat, prevent clogging of arteries and reduce cholesterol level.

2. Black Tea - This beverage is made from fermented tea leaves and has the highest amount of caffeine. Black tea may boost heart health by reducing blood pressure and can also improve gut health.

3. White Tea - This type of tea undergoes least processing process as compared to green and black tea. This beverage is uncured and unfermented. It possesses antioxidant like polyphenol which can reduce the risk of heart diseases.

4. Chamomile tea - This beverage falls under the category of herbal tea. Chamomile is a herb that comes from the daisy-like flowers of the Asteraceae plant family. Chamomile tea is loaded with antioxidants that can lower the risk of heart and cancer disease. This type of tea also aids in smooth digestion.

5. Hibiscus Tea - Hibiscus tea is also a herbal tea that's made by steeping parts of the hibiscus plant in boiling water. This particular beverage can lower blood pressure, lower blood fat levels and boost liver health.

On International Tea Day 2020, let us take a step to promote the tea industry by sharing the know-how and medicinal properties of tea with others.