Italian Man Who Cries Tears of Blood Has Haemolacria, A Rare Medical Condition
Tears of Blood- Haemolacria, A Rare Medical Condition. (Photo Credit: Flickr)

You must have seen bloody tears only in horror movies or a part of Halloween costumes. No one would have ever imagined that real people could have blood oozing out of their eyes. However, a recent strange medical case that has shocked everyone is of a 52-year-old man who was rushed to an emergency room in Italy because of bleeding eyes. Hashimoto’s Disease, Caused a 27-Year-Old to Sleep for 19 Hours a Day; Here Are the Signs and Symptoms of This Rare Condition.

According to reports in the England Journal of Medicine, the man was going about the when he suddenly began to ooze 'scarlet tears.' After being examined two hours later, the blood tears stopped for a while but restarted very soon. Further, the reports also stated that the man experienced any kinds of trauma in the eye cavities, eyes or nose. Eye bleeding had never happened to him before; moreover, he didn't even bruise easily and had no bleeding gums or nasal haemorrhage history. No swelling was observed in or around his eyes. His eye movements and eyesight were normal as well. However, the doctors did find hemangiomas (birthmarks) inside both eyelids. It was later observed that the man had a bit of excess blood in blood vessels of the membrane that coats the inside of the eyelids- conjunctiva. The blood tears stopped suddenly in an hour. Hematidrosis: Vietnam Hospital Gets a Kid Who Sweats Blood, A first of the Rare Case. 

What is Haemolacria?

A rare condition this has very recently gained attention in the medical community. According to a study, Haemolacria is a rare condition that causes a person to produce tears that are partially composed of blood. Haemolacria is better described as a symptom of multiple distinct entities most commonly involving the conjunctiva and lacrimal system (the inside part of the eye.)

The reasons behind the bleeding can range from 'vascular malformations and tumours to infectious or inflammatory conditions', according to the study. Haemolacria is a group of disorders that result in the production of tears that are partially composed of blood due to various reasons.

The reports of the 52-year-old man revealed that for the eyelid hemangiomas, the patient was given 'timolol ophthalmic drops', and on a followup, after one year the patient had had no further episodes of bloody tears.