Penumbral Lunar Eclipse January 10, 2020: How the Full Moon Can Make You Restless and Disrupt Your Sleep Cycle
Lunar Eclipse (Photo Credits: Public Domain Pictures)

The full moon can be a powerful force when you can harness all the energy when it comes to your goal setting and personal development. But it turns out that lunar eclipse can get in the way of your good night's sleep. A study published in the journal Current Biology, suggests that there is a deep connection between sleep and the lunar cycle. Researchers found that people took five minutes longer to fall asleep and spent 30 percent less time in deep sleep when the full moon approached. They showed to have lower melatonin levels and had 20 minutes lesser sleep on full moon nights.

While more research needs to be done to uncover why this phenomenon occurs, some studies suggest that it has to do with our circadian clocks. So now that you know your rest could be affected by a full moon, here's how to prepare yourself to get your zzz's.

1. Know the Time of the Eclipse

The first step in preparing for a lunar eclipse is to know when you can expect one. Look up the moon phases for your area, so you know when to expect the changes. January 2020 Lunar Eclipse Date & Time in India: What Is Penumbral Lunar Eclipse? Where Will Chandra Grahan Be Visible in Indian Cities?

2. Focus On the Days Leading Up To the Full Moon

A few studies suggest that the days leading up to full moon can be just as unsettling for your sleep schedules as the day of the eclipse. So ensure that you have a consistent sleep schedule and get to bed three to four hours after the sun sets as this is the time when our bodies naturally get exhausted.

3. Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

One of the best things you can do for a restful sleep is to make the environment conducive. The blue light can disrupt your circadian rhythm, so keep your phone out of the room. Celestial Calendar of January 2020: Quadrantids Meteor Shower, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse And Other Astronomical Delights to Look Forward To in This Month

4. Stay Away From Caffeine and Refined Sugar

Diet is equally important for quality sleep. Stay away from refined sugars as you can experience a stress response during sleep. Also, skip caffeine as it can make it difficult for you to get shut-eye, especially if you have anxiety. Wolf Moon 2020 Date and Timings: Know Everything About January's Full Moon That Coincides With Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

In the end, give yourself some time to wind down before you hit the pillow. Take a warm shower, read your favourite book or listen to some calming music. These activities will give subtle cues to your body that you are ready to doze off.