Signs of Weight Loss: 5 Signs You Are Losing Weight Even if Your Weighing Machine Doesn’t Say So
Signs You Are Losing Weight Even if Your Weight Machine Doesn’t Say So. (Photo Credit: Pexels)

You are on a diet and still feel that your weighing scale is showing the same digits it was showing earlier? You are probably doing everything it takes to burn fat off your body, but you are unable to see it on the scale. This scenario is quite possible. It is not always by the weighing scale that we can judge the right amount of weight loss.

Well, there is nothing to be sad about. You have to watch for the signs of weight loss in the right way to find out if you have really lost weight. Take a look at a few signs o weight loss even when the scale shows that you haven't lost any weight.

  1. Weight Yourself The Right Way: 

    If you weigh a little less within a night in comparison to what it was at the beginning of the day, you are just shedding the water weight of the body. As we all know, the actual body weight cannot be lost overnight so to keep a note of your real weight loss, weigh yourself weekly. By doing this, you will be having an accurate report of how much weight you are losing and at what time.

  2. Photos:

    Photos are a great way to tell if you have lost weight or not. In fact, many people record their weight loss only in the form of pictures. Check out your older photos and find out if you look thinner in comparison.

  3. Energetic Feeling:

    Feeling energetic comes hand in hand with weight loss. Once you start losing your actual weight, you can feel an outburst of energy within you as well as the stamina improves. This won't be the same scenario if you are losing the water weight of your body, as you will be just burning water in your body and not real fats so this won't help in creating any energy in your body leaving you dehydrated and exhausted.

  4. You Feel Stronger:

    Losing water weight from the body doesn't have any impact on your physical ability to perform any task. Once the process of losing actual weight begins, you can find yourself performing physical activities much better than what you used to perform earlier.

    For, e.g. You will be able to run better, to stand for a longer time, etc. You can feel a right amount of energy flowing through your body and helping you do various tasks without making you exhausted.

  5. Clothes:

    The best and the most straightforward sign that you are losing actual body weight is when your clothes start getting looser. This doesn't happen when you lose water weight from your body. So if you have started noticing looser clothes that apparently means you have begun losing actual body weight.

You must understand that losing weight is a steady process. Losing actual body weight is a bit constant process. If you are losing a kg or a half overnight, don't be happy as you are likely to gain it back if it is just the water weight and not the actual fat weight of your body. To keep track of your real weight loss try to weigh yourself in the morning itself once you have cleared your bowels as soon as you wake up before your breakfast. You can use a body composition scale instead of a regular weighing scale for best results.