Stomach Vacuuming: The Easiest Way to Melt the Stubborn Belly Fat and Get Flat Abs
Toned abs (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Let's face it: There is no shortcut to getting a stronger and leaner core apart from working out and eating right. But what if there was a workout that would whip you in shape with relatively minimal effort? When it comes to flattening your abs, stomach vacuuming is the latest move creating a major buzz.  Don’t believe us? We thought so! A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning concluded that your abs can benefit greatly by such a manoeuvre. It's time to try out this move.

Stomach Vacuuming - The Move

Simply put, stomach vacuuming is the act of pulling in your abdominal muscles in very much the same way as you do when you suck in your stomach to zip up your favourite jeans. That said, it is not as easy as it sounds. It involves contracting your abdominal muscles to actively bring your belly toward your spine. This trendy move entails deeply inhaling and exhaling forcefully as you suck your belly button in toward your spine as hard as possible. You must take full advantage of your breathing potential and take deep breaths instead of shallow inhales.

The benefits of stomach vacuuming do not just end at flattening your abs. The technique also helps strengthen your back and alleviate lower back pain, so it is a total win-win. Also, try abdominal etching to get six packs without hitting the gym. 

Technique for Best Results

Performing just a few reps per session can flatten your stomach and cinch in your waist. Your best bet for results is to pull your abdomen muscles inward and brace them as though you were about to be punched. In fact, just keeping your ab muscles drawn in while doing a crunch, can work all the layers of your abs simultaneously. These yoga poses can help burn belly fat and tone your abs. 

The vacuum is an isometric exercise isolating the muscles that lie underneath the external abs and oblique. These muscles are often neglected so increasing the intensity placed on these underlying muscles could assist you with flattening your stomach and defining your oblique better.

The Right Way To Do Stomach Vacuum

However, the thumb rule of getting drool-worthy abs is loading your diet with foods that aid in digestion to get rid of excess bloat. So reach for that spinach and other dark leafy greens.