UK: Kiss Almost Kills a Baby! But a Kiss-of-Life Saves the 8-Week-Old
Image used for representational purpose only (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A newborn's life is absolutely fragile and lacking a strong immune system makes them susceptible to various disease and infections. It is important to take immense care of infants in their initial. Usually Birth Injuries, Jaundice, Colic, Abdominal Distention, Vomiting, Anaemia, Respiratory Distress, skin problems etc are common in infants soon after they are born. However, a recent case that was both shocking and devastating was an eight-week-old baby who almost about to die due to a kiss. Infant Dies of Herpes After Being Kissed By An Infected Relative. 

It is usually advised by various doctors and experts to for the newly-born to stay away from different people, especially people who come from outside. The kids are excessively low on immunity and more prone to infections and allergies and hence people are asked to not immediately kiss or come very close to the child. However, sometimes things don't work accordingly some terrible consequences take place. An eight-week-old was on the verge of death because of being kissed. The parents found her ‘pale and lifeless’ in the cot and immediately rushed her to the hospital as per reports by Parents, Thomas and Sophie rushed the baby to the hospital where the doctors performed CPR on the infant. She caught a cold that eventually developed into a serious chest infection.

Describing her ordeal to Metro News the baby's mother said, 'I went in to see her and she was lifeless. She was really pale and wasn’t responding. I knew there was something really wrong so I phoned an ambulance. ‘There was this feeling of dread and absolute fear. We were thinking “is she going to pull through or is this the end for her?”. ‘When we got to the hospital she was put into a little cot and on high flow oxygen. ‘She suddenly went blue and 20 doctors rushed round the bed. It felt like we were in the centre of an earthquake – like we’d been pushed to the back of the room and all we could do was watch our daughter and we couldn’t do anything to help her.

It is important that people take it up to themselves as a responsibility to not touch newborns with unwashed hands or come too close to them and kiss them.