Weight Loss and Calorie Burn: Ways to Torch More Calories During Your Next Workout
Weight loss (Photo credits: Pixabay)

No matter how much you sweat out, does it seem impossible for you to burn more than 400 calories? And if you do, you are probably dead. The number of calories you burn during exercise depends on your fitness level, your body composition and the intensity of your workout. But there are ways to up your calorie burn significantly. We are not asking you to double up the duration of your workout. Here are science-backed ways to improve your calorie burn regardless of your fitness level.

1. Get Your Heart Rate Up

Remember this one trick. For every litre of oxygen you breathe in, you burn five calories. And the higher your heart rate, the more oxygen will you inhale. So get your heart rate up to burn more calories. Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Use Desi Ghee to Lose Weight

2. Intensify Your Level

You have got to work harder to boost your heart rate and metabolism, which means that your exercise should be very demanding for your fitness levels. So whether it is lifting heavier dumbbells or holding the plank for an extended time, set higher goals four yourselves.

3. Incorporate As Many Total Body Workout Moves as Possible

Perform compound exercises that work on multiple muscle groups such as squats, pull-ups and burpees. The total body exercises burn more calories than single muscle group exercises. Does Drinking Milk Everyday Cause Weight Gain? All That You Should Know About The Calcium Rich Fluid

4. Incorporate HIIT in Cardio

When you jog, your heart rate will increase at first, but decrease over time due to the low levels of intensity. High-intensity interval training will not only get your heart rate up but also keep it up. So, you eventually end up torching more calories.

5. Lift Heavier Weights

The more muscles you have, the more calories will your body burn daily. So always aim to build more lean muscles. So, lift more weights and complete more sets to break down the fat and carbohydrates.

6. Switch up Your Daily Routine

You will eventually hit a plateau if you do the same workout every day. So switch up your exercise routine to target more muscle group and bolster your metabolism. Coffee Diet for Quick Weight Loss: How Does It Work and How Safe Is It?

7. Take Your Rest Days Seriously

Rest is crucial to get adequate results. Your body needs time to repair the muscles, joints and tendons you strained during the workout. Taking time to recover will decrease the risk of injury and allow your body to level up in the next exercise.

8. Be Active Throughout the Day

If you have a desk job, make it a point to get up every hour or two and take a short walk. Being active even after the workout will keep your metabolism up throughout the day. Plus, sitting all day can make your body stiff and affect your posture.

9. Drink a Lot of Water

You must have noticed that when you sweat out, your body craves for more water. That's because water helps regulate body temperature. Interestingly, water also helps metabolise the carbs and fats better in the body. So, be sure to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day, especially when you workout.

10. Fuel Up On Simple Carbs Before Exercising

Simple carbs can make for excellent pre-workout snacks. They are quickly absorbed and digested by the body, providing you with a burst of energy right away.

Do not forget that diet makes 70 percent of your weight loss efforts. Eat a consistent diet filled with enough protein and complex carbs. Remember, the amount of protein you get before and after your workout is also vital for your progress.