Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Use Cardamom (Elaichi) to Lose Weight
Cardamom For Weight Loss (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

We are quite often confused as to what to eat for weight loss. Our thoughts revolve around various diet plans. However, there are few herb, spices and dry fruits that can help one lose weight. One such ingredient is cardamom, let us discuss how this aromatic spice also known as elaichi can work effectively in fat loss and weight loss. Cardamom not only add flavours to the food but it also improves the overall health of an individual. Cardamom for Skin: From Fighting Acne to Brightening Complexion, 5 Beauty Benefits of Elaichi You Should Know of

One of the most common reasons for weight gain is indigestion, bloating and poor gut health. If you are facing one of these problems, you should include cardamom in your daily diet. Elaichi has antioxidant and antibiotic properties, which benefit digestive health. Cardamom is an effective digestive stimulant and diuretic, which helps metabolism and burns body fat.

How Cardamom Helps in Weight Loss

People who have digestion problems, tend to put on more weight, as the body does not get properly detoxified. The active compound in cardamom fights against bad  bacteria and enhances gut health. This in turn helps in smooth functioning of digestive system.

Elaichi contains melatonin, which speed up the fat burning process of the body. Melatonin is the naturally occurring hormone in the body which not only helps in weight loss but also improves sleep. It also increases metabolism and protects muscle tissue. Due to this property, cardamom also helps burn belly fat.

Cardamom can be eaten whole  or  in powdered form. Cardamom water drink should be taken first thing in the morning. This will keep your body in a high metabolic state throughout the day. Remember, there is no such magic food or ingredient that can help you lose weight overnight. One has to exercise and follow a strict diet for weight loss.

(This article is written for an informative purpose and should not be substituted for medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor before trying any tips.)