Cardamom for Skin: From Fighting Acne to Brightening Complexion, 5 Beauty Benefits of Elaichi You Should Know of
cardamom health benefits (Photo Credits: Pexels)

Cardamom is one of India's most loved spices. This fragrant, taste-enhancing spice is quite commonly used as a part of garam masala or put into tea aka masala chai. Cardamom is also an essential part of Indian sweets essentially to give sweets a tingling aroma. Also known as “Elaichi” in Hindi, “Aelakka” in Malayalam, “Elakkai” in Tamil, “Yelakulu” in Telugu, “Yalakki” in Kannada, and “Huba alhal” in Arabic, Cardamom comes in two major types- Green and black cardamom also known as choti and badi elaichi in Hindi. Cardamom's health benefits are quite well-known as they hold a special place in Ayurveda for its medicinal value. It doesn't just help improve digestive health but also helps prevents certain serious ailments like cancer, according to some on-going research. People having diabetes can also consume cardamom as it is known to help control blood sugar levels. Some studies also say that elaichi can help you cope with depression. However, many few people know of the beauty benefits that cardamom holds.

Here are some of the beauty benefits of cardamom:

Lightens Complexion

Rich in various antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients, cardamom is known to improve your complexion by removing blemishes. For using it in the skin, you can add cardamom to your regular face pack or use cardamom essential oil.

Soothes Your Skin

Rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, cardamom acts as a great ingredient to soothe your skin. Cardamom can also help improve blood circulation throughout the body and the many layers of phytonutrients invariably enhance skin health.

Supple lips

Cardamom essential oil is quite popular amongst cosmetic companies. Cardamom oil and extracts are often used in making lip balms and lipstick as it is known to soften the lips while making it plumper.

Clear skin

Consumption of black cardamom can help to flush down the toxins from your body helping you get rid of marks and scars.

How to use cardamom for skin:

Sipping of some cardamom tea or using cardamom essential oil are some of the ways you can reap the benefits of this fragrant spice. Add some cardamom powder to your regular body scrub to exfoliate your skin the right way.