Martha Mok is an industry-recognized confidence business coach with a global presence. An International entrepreneur and founder of “Super Confidence Coach, specializing in empowering businesswomen to reach their full potential through confidence and achieving a balance between business, life, and relationship.

She is recognized as the Top 1% of all women’s confidence, mindset, and business coaches in Australia. She’s also an International motivational speaker, an author of four eBooks & a co-author of one published book, and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Before her career in coaching, Martha was a multi-award-winning international makeup artist & hairstylist and founder of makeup school, “Martha Mok Makeup Academy,” helping women accentuate and appreciate their own beauty.  Her experience working with women in the make-up industry gave her an intimate knowledge and understanding of what women need beyond their exterior.  

Martha’s mission is “No woman should ever suffer in silence,” which is driven by her colorful past; she experienced an abusive marriage, bullying, and was sexually molested.  Her life experience, business knowledge, and genuine personality have inspired women and coaches to reach their full potential by gaining confidence, finding their self-worth, and owning a unique balance in business, family, and relationships.

By shifting their mindset and correcting self-sabotage beliefs, Martha has guided many women who had self-doubt to change & create a positive breakthrough in their lives, letting go of past traumas, regain directions, and reaching new heights.

“I honestly have to pinch myself every day that this is my life. To help women let go of doubt and embrace confidence. I can’t think of a more rewarding job in the world.

Know that you deserve more; your purpose is more significant than what you are doing right now. Let's connect and end the confusion, overwhelm & disappointment. Gain clarity, success & confidence to control your future.” - Martha Mok.