Accounting is the language of business, as any accountant knows. Throughout history, that language has undergone numerous alterations. However, technology has always played an integral role in making the accountant's job a little easier, regardless of the constant changes. As is the need of the hour, Accountants should concentrate their efforts on areas where their expertise can complement technology and provide a competitive advantage. Where this might sound tedious and well monotonous, as has been repeatedly mentioned in the past - A boring job that is,  with accountants and bookkeepers being labeled as number crunchers, bean counters, and several other similar adjective phrases. In order to address this stigma, Moe Tabesh established Numetrica City Inc. in 2016. 

Now, what is so great about this yet another accounting firm with all the fish in the sea! Well for starters it is not just your everyday accounting and bookkeeping firm, Numetrica City Inc. is a concept-based organization that strictly follows a quirky theme in order to keep things fun, interesting, and of course fulfilling. This conceptual brand, since its inception, has gained recognition for imbibing the superhero concept that resonates with the accountants - the superheroes of the business world.

Some of the highly appreciated offerings by Numetrica City Inc. include Virtual cloud accounting, which is all the talk these days, considering the outbreak of pandemic and well advancements in technology.  Numetrica City Inc. through Quickbooks Online, Dext, Dropbox, Hubdoc, Wagepoint, and several other inbuilt platforms helps the users to make the task easier than ever and keep a solid track of their transactions and all the other necessary activities. Where many firms have adopted this model of accounting, what differentiates Numetrica City is its unique financial map that helps businesses get their heads around their business profits and cash flow and put all the financial information on a dashboard that is easily accessible and user friendly. This working with clients via the cloud is a fantastic idea because it allows both the clients and us to work at the same time. Furthermore, data is automatically sent to Quickbooks online via the clouds, resulting in fewer human errors and faster data entry. This saves the clients lots of time and expenses. Some of the major clients that Numetrica City has worked with since its inception are renowned  Dentists, Lawyers, IT consultants, Online sellers, Restaurants, and entrepreneurs. The company is currently active in Ottawa with operations in Toronto, Vancouver & New York. In the upcoming future, Numetrica City aims to partner with more and more passionate CPAs who want to expand their business in other cities in Canada and the US.

In a recent interview, founder Moe exerts that once he realized how much more he can help small businesses with their bookkeeping and taxes, he left his 6 figure government job and started Numetrica City Inc immediately. Well, aren’t we all now glad that he actually did? Come on now? How often do we come across a unique conceptual brand that not only resonates with us but also makes monotonous things fun and embracing? The main motto of this out-of-the-box firm is to leverage the power of cloud technology and empower global clients with the very much visible idea of them being absolute superheroes.