It is 2020, which means that you do not have to hide under your sheaths while having sex. It would be best if you took equal participation in upping your rom session. While it is essential to consider your pleasure, it is as crucial to keep in mind what your partner's likes and dislikes. So come out of the closet and give your partner the ultimate pleasure. Do what feels right and do anything that could lead you to the path of an earth-shattering orgasm. Here are all the things that men want you to do in bed.

He Wants You to Initiate Sex

Did you know that men like you to initiate sex sometimes? They too like to be seduced and felt desired. With you initiate sex, he can get a significant confidence boost. Start by rubbing his back and clue him into what you are doing so that he knows you are trying to get it on. Hot Sex Tips: From Foreplay to Intercourse, the Ultimate Guide For Having An Intense Orgasm.

He Likes You to Be Loud

Please do not hold back your moans and groans when you are enjoying your session with him on the bed. Men love to hear your sexy voice, and it turns them on. Moaning is pleasure is a lot more desirable than not expressing yourself at all. Sex During Lockdown: 11 HOT Tips to Keep in Mind for an Incredible Orgasm.

He Wants to Try Different Positions

If you do missionary a few nights a week, it is time to try something different. We are not asking you to go out of your comfort zone but try something exciting like a woman on top or doggy. You can also change your locations to spice up your sex life. Hot Sex Tips: From Foreplay to Intercourse, the Ultimate Guide For Having An Intense Orgasm.

He Wants Things More Visual

Men like things more visual, so, be sure to give him an eyeful if you are feeling it too. Maybe you can lead him towards the mirror so you can see both of you in action or perhaps you can start with a striptease. It will be a hot bedroom game to play.

Repetition can make things boring. So be open to trying new things. Any change in speed, position or pressure will make the act more exciting and pleasurable.

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