Pairi Daiza Resort in Belgium is one of its kind that you will not find elsewhere. A walrus swims rights by your side as you rest in your bed in the underwater suite. Photos and videos of the hotel room show a boy on a bed with a walrus besides him in the water tank. Walrus House located at Pairi Daiza Resort in Belgium also has rooms that overlook places where there are bears, wolves, stellar sea lions, Siberian tigers, fallow deer and penguins. But watching walrus is a unique set up only for those who occupy the underwater suites called 'Land of the Cold' in the zoo resort. Europe's First 'Under' Water Restaurant Opens in Norway; Check Photos And Video.

The hotel spokesperson that the water and the glass separators are cleaned regularly. Mathieu Goedefroy, a spokesman for the zoo was quoted as saying, "The diver you can see cleaning the window is doing the weekly cleaning session of all windows in our polar world - Land of the Cold. On the picture, he is actually in the walruses' territory, whilst the walruses are kept from disturbing him. However, curious as they are, our polar bears are always up for a playing session through the window."

Hotel Room With a Walrus Tank:

Tour of the Underwater Resort!

They also have an underwater suite that looks directly into the polar bear enclosure at the zoo. They were brought to the zoo for the protection and conservation programme. Pairi Daiza Resort claims it is the first and only zero-emissions park in the world. The bears are said to enjoy salted and chilled seawater, real ice cave, where the temperature is permanently kept below zero. They also have freshwater rivers, waterfalls through different surfaces like sand, rock, pebbles, grass and trees. The resort also financially supports conservation projects of 'Polar Bears International' in the Arctic.

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