Women Are Marrying Themselves! Sologamy Trend Gains Popularity Among Ladies Who Are Tired of Questions About Their Marital Status
Women are practicing sologamy (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Families questioning about marriage and future plans, talking about kids can get really daunting at times. The pressure to get married at a certain age and have kids is felt across all race or religion and even across the borders. Girls especially have been pressurised and are constantly asked about their marriage. Tired of all the pressure and constant questioning, few women have embraced sologamy. A woman from Uganda named Lulu Jemimah is the recent one who got married to herself. She was tired of the family pressures surrounding her marriage and to have kids. 32-year-old Jemimah gave a speech on her wedding day about no the absence of the groom.

Jemimah's parents were a little hurt but she what hurt her more was the constant questioning about her marriage that she had to deal with. Her mother religiously prayed to get her a good husband but Jemimah is firm that she is happy with her own self. Jemimah had a very small ceremony, helped by her friends and brother and she is very sure that she will take the best care of her own. When Are You Getting Married? A Question That Can Drive People From Photo Shooting Self to Shooting Others. 

But her like, there are other women who have opted for that path. A decision to stay alone or only with your own self is not an easy one, not when you constantly see couples making it work around. Year after year as the age grows, the questions about getting married keep arising. They cannot be avoided at all times, so getting married is one option, but with oneself.


Some women were confident that can be their best companion. Linda Doktar from Australia went through a painful breakup after which she decided to settle with herself. A life coach by profession, she propagated self-love and took it to another level when she married herself, and took the vows by looking into a mirror. "I experienced the most powerful self-love & self-marriage ritual known to human kind - to promise to love, honour and respect my soul today, tomorrow and always," she wrote on her social media profile.

Linda Doktar's Announcement of Marrying Herself

For 40-year-old Laura Mesi, had made a promise to her family that if by age 40 she doesn't find a soulmate, she would marry herself. And well, she kept her word. Mesi too went through an emotional turmoil when her 12-year-long relationship ended. She was quoted to The Telegraph, "I firmly believe that each of us must first of all love ourselves. You can have a fairytale even without the prince." Section 377: Homosexuals Forced to Marry Opposite Sex Due to Family Pressures.

Sologamy: The Trend of Marrying Oneself

The idea of getting married to yourself and staying happily ever after, but alone, is catching up not today but from almost 15 years ago. It is not a legally recognised in any of the states, but that hasn't bounded the women to go ahead and commit themselves to self-love and self-care. The character Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City married herself and that was difficult for viewers to accept then. But in the same year Jennifer Hoes, a 30-year-old artist really did it.

The trend is growing as more and more women opt to stay single yet committed to themselves. Lynne Gollogy did not want to enter her 40th year unmarried. She had no interest in developing any relationship so while she turned 40, she also married herself. Author Sophie Tanner did it too. She was intrigued by the whole idea of settling with oneself and concluded that she wanted it. She was quoted in a report, "I make myself happy without needing anyone else to make me complete".

The concept of Sologamy is practised by women in UK, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Taiwan, USA and the latest example we have from Uganda. These women are serving examples to many other single ones out there, that it is completely okay to be on our own. So woman folks, what do you think about the idea of marrying yourself? Do let us know your views in the comments section.