A 50-Year-Old Naked Body Surfer at the Nudist Beach Headbutted a Shark Then Fought It Off by Punching It
Man survives shark attack. (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

In a recent incident which could have gotten worse for a starkers surfer left him injured in the arm after he was attacked by a shark. However, he was able to headbutt and punch the shark and manage to make his way back safely. The 50-year-old surfer, Paul Kenny was attacked at a nudist beach where he was body surfing, as per reports by the Sun. Shark Swallowed by Another Massive Fish in This Video is Shocking!

He described the incident and explained how he hit the marine beast, which he thought was a bull shark after which it finally let him go. He left the water immediately after the shark set him free. He further described to the Sun that his arm got the end of his mouth and in an attempt to free himself he put his head down and headbutted it. He also began to punch it when it grabbed him.

Here's the picture of the man-

He has been quoted saying, "I was in his world. He was just going about his business and I headbutted him so he retaliated." Take a look:

He also told the journos- “He didn’t try to eat me, he was just reacting to me bumping into him.” He said (with a laugh) “no comment” to question about whether he was swimming naked at the time on Samurai Beach!

Paul's condition is stable and his injuries in the right forearm have gotten stitches. It is also said that the beach was closed before because a whale had washed ashore.