Coming across a snake slithering nearby can be really scary unless you really like them. But an Australian TV presenter's recent video for a shoot will create fear among you about snakes. Daredevil presenter Adam Thorn recently let a six-foot-long python bite him on his arm and the result wasn't too pleasing. Thorn screamed in pain as the serpent gave a vicious bite. He performed the stunt for History channel's new show Kings of Pain. The video has been shared online and is going viral. Shocking Video of Giant Python Strangling a Fireman in Botched-Up Safety Drill in Bangkok Will Send Chills Down Your Spine.

Australian presenter Adam Thorm and co-host Rob Alleva were part of the new series when Torn decided to take a python bite. He had worn a protective mask to his face before the snake was released. The snake bit so hard and left a deep wound. One of the snake's fangs got lodged in his skin. When Alleva tried to take away the snake, he too got bitten by it. Both of them were gravely wounded, Alleva had to even squeeze out two blood clots from his arm. Adam was screaming, "get off, get off," as the snake attacked. A promo from the shoot was shared online and it is quite terrifying! Man Teases Snake Live on Camera, Gets Bitten by the Reptile on Forehead! Watch Viral Video.

Watch Video of TV Presenter Bitten by Python: 

Adam Thorn is a wildlife biologist and his co-host Rob Alleva is a professional animal handler. The pair will be tested on pain scale bitten by many other creepy crawlies. There will be a 30-point scale to measure intensity and duration, by different types of stings. Thorn was severely bleeding after the dangerous snake grabbed his arm. He needed stitches to close his wound. Although pythons do not have venom, they inject venom with their fangs or teeth. They do not attack their prey but constrict them when threatened.

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