Shocking Video of Giant Python Strangling a Fireman in Botched-Up Safety Drill in Bangkok Will Send Chills Down Your Spine
Python (Photo Credits: YouTube)

A horrifying video of a giant python has taken social media by storm. It shows the slithering reptile coiling around a person’s neck and almost strangling him to death. Now what makes this video from Bangkok in Thailand such a sensation online is the fact that the man under attack from the five-metre-long python is a fireman during a botched-up safety drill. Shocking Video of Giant Python Eating an Indonesian Woman Will Freak You Out: Disturbing Images of Human Body Found in Big Snake’s Belly.

For Khun Apichet, the safety demonstration involving a python was not only deadly but also embarrassing. The 40-year-old was showing a group of school children to tackle deadly snakes in grim situations. But soon Khun found himself helpless with the python wrapping itself around his head. In fact, the fireman was seen keeping the python head tight and ensure it didn’t bite him. Khun Apichet was finally rescued from the python’s stronghold by his senior who was seen giving directions and explaining the steps to kids.

The senior could be heard saying in the video, “The snake is trying to bite him, because this makes the snake feel good.” The python in this video was caught from home some years ago. Since then, it has been kept in captivity and is used in safety demonstrations. Continuing with his explanations, the man was heard saying, “When the snake wants to eat the people they will bite quickly and lock them in very quickly, but this one is older and has been tamed.”

Watch Video: Fireman Vs Python In Safety Demonstration

Obviously, Khun would have held such drills in the past with this reptile, but in his latest show, he was left shocked with the python following his natural instincts of killing the prey. Considered one of the longest snake species, python kill their prey by choking the breath out of them. And this is exactly what you can see in the video as python started showing its predatory skills. This entire incident must have definitely left Khun Apichet red-faced.