Beautiful Video of Dog Chasing a Ball Unaware of Its Paralysis Wins the Internet's Hearts
Video of paralysed dog goes viral (Photo Credits: Nick CVO Twitter)

A beautiful video of a dog chasing a ball is being massively shared on social media. While dog videos are common on the internet, this one is a little special. The dog in the video is paralysed but the little one does not seem to know it. It runs away to catch the ball like any other normal dog. Twitter user Nick CVO who shared the video on social media said that his pet's legs were paralysed last month, but he thinks the dog doesn't know about it. This Video of a Pet Dog and Cat Loving Each Other is Going Viral, Watch Cute Clip.

He shared the video with the caption, "My dogs back legs were paralyzed last month, but I don't think he knows yet so don't tell him." The video was quick to go viral with people exclaiming at how cute the animal was, while some empathised with the animal's condition. One of the comments read, "This is so sad yet so amazing." Looking at the video it does not seem that the animal is affected by the paralysis. It can be seen gliding on its front legs as if the hind legs are also present. Dog Saves Girl from Falling and Drowning, Viral Video Leaves Internet in Tears.

Watch the video below:

While dog videos are known for being cute, this one particularly has won the hearts of netizens. One of the Twitter users even offered to buy a wheelchair for the dog, but Nick commented that his pet already has, but is happier without it.