It's the day of the full moon. And November Full Moon, called the Beaver Moon also saw an occurrence of penumbral lunar eclipse. So today was a day of delight for all moon lovers and those keen of celestial events. Although there is not much of a difference in the look of the moon during a penumbral lunar eclipse, the full moon always looks pretty! So netizens are sharing stunning pictures of the rising Full Moon of November 2020. What's even more appealing is the presence of lunar halo around the moon this night. #BeaverMoon, #LunarEclipse and #LunarHalo are now trending as people share some stunning visuals of tonight's full moon.

A penumbral lunar eclipse is when the moon passes through the outer shadow of the earth, which is called the penumbra. This happens when the sun, moon and earth are not perfectly aligned, leaving behind a faint shadow on the lunar surface. This was the last lunar eclipse of this year. If you have missed out on it, we bring you some pictures uploaded by netizens. But it is the lunar halo that's more prominent and shining bright tonight. So the Beaver Moon 2020 looks extra special tonight.

Check Some Photos of Beaver Moon Lunar Eclipse 2020:


Hiding in The Clouds

Beaver Moon in Clear Blue Sky

Loving the Halo

Here's a Look At the Eclipse Moon

Perfect Halo


Eclipse From a Telescope

So Pretty!

The moon looks special with the perfect round halo around it and shining bright in the night skies. Have you seen it yet? Just head to your window or terrace and enjoy our shining bright satellite. Don't forget to show off your pictures online.

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