Bruno 'The High Maintenance' Cat Who Stands Like Humans is Going Viral Because of Her Adoption Post
Bruno the cat who is up for adoption (Photo credits: Facebook/Wright Way Rescue)

Cats are known to be moody animals. The felines can sometimes vouch too much for all your attention and just go and sit away the next moment. They love their food, you scratching their body and all that bit. And among the many cute pictures and videos, you may have seen on the internet, there is one high maintenance cat Bruno, who's clearly more extra! Bruno, a seven-year-old cat has already got a lot of fans on social media and one look at its photo you'd know why. Bruno is heavy, loves standing on two hind feet and exhibits 'I am clearly special attitude' on the face. Cat Had to Clean His Own Mess; Twitterati is Delighted with The Pet Parenting Video. 

Bruno is currently up for adoption at the Wright Way Rescue in Morton Grove, Illinois. The caption on the post would tell you all about this grey cat's maintenance. And Bruno is clearly a favourite with all that sass on display. He is too cool to be homeless begins the post. He is 11 kgs describing himself as perfectly healthy other than being overweight. He is a chatty cat, would expect you to talk a lot and also has a diet to follow. Look at Some Top Followed Cats on Instagram.

Take a look at Bruno's adoption post that is going viral:

The cat has some lovable traits. He ensures to make you know he's hungry, he stands on two hind feet. He is clearly very attention seeking. Ever since the post was uploaded, it has got more than 24,000 shares and similar adoption requests. Now the centre is reviewing them to find him a perfect owner who can take care of its maintenance. In their last update, they wrote that all the fame has gone to Bruno's head. Well, surely Bruno is not just any other cat you see on the internet.