Butt facials instead of facials? Sounds interesting right? Well, that is the strategy a New York spa specialising in facials have to come up with after they were prohibited from coming in contact with people's faces amid COVID-19 pandemic. As we all know the safety guidelines amid the coronavirus outbreak urges people to maintain a six feet social distancing, and the idea of touching each other's faces definitely goes out of the window. Most businesses are currently struggling to find their grounds currently due to the crashing economy. Since COVID-19 pandemic has made human contact dangerous, businesses like salons, spas etc. are suffering a huge loss. However, some are going against the wind to make it work for themselves. Penis Facial??? Sandra Bullock Swears by This Gross Beauty Treatment (But It’s Not What You Think!)

The coronavirus safety guidelines prohibit any kind of physical contact between people, especially ones that include touching faces, therefore a spa in New York that specializes in facials tweaked their services according to the current situation after they experienced a dip their business. Sofie Pavitt Skincare Studio now offers butt facials for customers looking to make their butts look prettier. Sofie Pavitt, the owner of the Chinatown spa found this unique treatment while she wanted to continue her business. Since New York guidelines prohibited her from working on customers faces, “It’s a facial for your booty,” Pavitt realised. From Semen to Bird Poop, Weird Skin Masks and Treatments That Are Sure to Gross You Out. 

According to reports, the 45-minute treatment costs $159 and includes exfoliation, a scrub or an enzyme peel, and a moisturizing mask. “I think after all the time in quarantine, people are in need of some self-care. They’re jumping at the chance to have someone touch them. I don’t think it matters the body part,” said Pavitt to alt1037dfw.radio.com.

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