CBSE Shares Funny Memes to Relieve Students From Board Exam 2020 Stress! Check Some of the Best Jokes
CBSE Shares Funny Memes (Photo Credits: @cbseindia29/ Twitter)

It is the season of board examinations. Each year, the stress seems to go double as the competition level gets higher. But may we say, the educational boards are getting cooler! In a bid to relieve the students from board exam 2020 stress, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been sharing hilarious memes on its social media handles. Yes, both Instagram and Twitter! After introducing counselling session for students and parents to deal with exam stress, this year, the board has gone creative. The memes were first shared on February 15, the first day when CBSE board exam 2020 for class 10 and class 12 began. Now every day, the official Twitter and Instagram handle of CBSE Headquarters are sharing hilarious and relatable memes, in a bid to cheer up the students during the board exam 2020. Below in this article, take a look at some of the best jokes shared on social media.

2020 will be the 23rd consecutive year when CBSE is providing free counselling to students who are appearing in the board examinations. But the memes have undoubtedly redefined the way educational institutes have been asking students to deal with exam stress. With the increasing usage of social media, viral memes can be a great source of communication to put the right message in a lighter note. And CBSE seems to have outshined it well. Check out some of the best jokes shared on social media by the central board to boost students’ confidence during the board exam 2020.

Brace Yourselves, For Some Super Cool Memes!

I Hope You Got the Clue!


Hard Work!



Whosoever Did It, Bravo!

Isn’t it a bold step? It is genuinely appreciable to what the educational board is doing to help students beat the exam stress. We hope other state and central boards take the cue as well and use creativity to encourage students and increase their confidence during examinations.