Chandrayaan-2 Clicks Pictures of Vikram Lander on Moon Surface: Netizens Rejoice With #VikramLanderFound Hopeful and Funny Memes on Twitter Hailing ISRO
#VikramLanderFound memes and tweets (Photo Credits: Twitter)

In some good news for the day, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has finally found Vikram Lander. ISRO Chief, K Sivan made a statement today, that they've found the location of Vikram Lander on the lunar surface and the orbiter has also clicked a thermal image of it. Although, there hasn't been any communication yet, a wave of happiness has taken over the country. The clear reflection of the joy can be seen on social media as well. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook is filled with memes and posts that show how positive Indians are about this new achievement. While K Sivan and his team are trying to contact Vikram, #VikramLanderFound is going viral on Twitter. People are sharing the craziest reactions and are expressing their emotions via humour.

ISRO Chief K Sivan's Statement:

We don't know about you, but we cannot wait for the next announcement from ISRO but till then, check out these funny memes that perfectly express the happiness of Indians right now!


Nacho Nacho





Itni Khushi



Spirits are high as ever! Just yesterday, Sivan had said that the hopes are still alive and efforts to connect link with Chandrayaan 2's Vikram lander will continue for the next 14 days. After the Lander lost contact with the ground stations on Saturday, the ISRO Chief could not hold his tears and broke down.