India has continued to set new COVID-19 world records. The second wave of coronavirus pandemic sees disastrous situations with some hospitals turning away patients because of shortages of medical supplies. Delhi High Court called the crisis a ‘tsunami.’ On social media, people have come together to raise funds, and share requirements with details available for COVID-19 treatments. Amid the ongoing health crisis, South Korean group, BTS fans, called ARMY generated a fundraising campaign to help citizens of India. And in just 24 hours, ARMY raised more than Rs 20 lakh for coronavirus relief in the country. K-Pop fans across the internet are all purple hearts and appreciate the fan club for the big raise.

BTS fan club BANGTAN INDIA posted a donation request and link on Twitter, urging fans around the world to amplify the ongoing situation and donate in whatever capacity. “As we know India is facing one of the worst 2nd waves of Covid 19, each passing day it's getting tougher on the health workers and front line workers. We ask ARMYs around the world to help us as it's a helpless situation,” reads the tweet along with the fundraising link. The donations made were not only from India but fans across the world.

Here's BTS ARMY's Tweet:

In just 12 hours, the first target was achieved, and the group gathered about Rs 10 lakh as donations. Again, in 24 hours, the amount just doubled—Rs 20 lakh. Through this fundraiser, the group wants to help provide free oxygen cylinders, medical supplies delivery and boost the kitchen that is providing meals to the COVID-19 patients at home and homeless. The K-Pop group went ahead by sharing the distribution of funds to different organisations to support different causes related to the COVID-19 health crisis.

COVID-19 Relief For India

First Phase of COVID-19 Relief in India

ARMYs in Purple Hearts!

A Great Team Work Indeed

ARMYs All Purple Hearts

Apart from BTS’ thriving career, the K-Pop boy band has always supported various institutions associated with different causes including the pandemic. Much like the boys, their fans too tried their best to initiate funds to help in whatever manner they can, especially during this pandemic.

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