Delhi Air Pollution: Model of White Lungs Erected to Indicate Air Quality Turns Grey Within Two Days of Diwali, View Pics!
White lungs installation turns grey in 2 days (Photo credits: Twitter/icareforlungs)

Delhi is struggling to breathe with the air quality only worsening day by day. Just a day after Diwali the air pollution is at a hazardous level and to keep a tab on the air quality, a hospital installed a giant replica of human lungs to tabulate. The authorities of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SRGH) made the installation to monitor the quality of air in the capital and within two days, the lungs have turned grey from white. These lungs indicate how much damage the air is causing internally to the human body.

These lungs installation has Hepa Filters and as informed by the doctors, these will change their colours towards black, depicting the effect of air pollution in the surroundings. It took not more than 2 days for it to turn grey. The initiative is taken by Lung Care Foundation and SGRH for the Help Delhi Breathe campaign.

Check out the Pictures of Lung Installation at Delhi Showing the Effect of Air Pollution

On Day 3!

These lungs turned grey a day before Diwali ie on November 6. Post the Diwali festivities, the quality has only worsened. According to the Air Quality Index data, the PM2.5 and PM10 are at 500 in the Lodhi road area just a day after Diwali. This installation is a sure indicator of what quality of air Delhi is breathing and there should be immediate measures to improve the situation.