A dog started a house fire after knocking off an ironing board in New Mexico. The puppy was jumping around and playing when it pushed down the ironing board starting a fire. The video shows another dog lying near the table startled and waking up to the sound of the board falling down. Nine-month-old Kahua pushed the clothes making the board fall down with the iron. The dog can be seen sniffing around the board before it tumbles. Kahua leaps as soon as it falls and jumps on the sofa. Paige, another hound wakes and can be seen looking around. The clip then cuts to show flames coming out from the grate. The dog then comes close to fire and then wanders into another room. Dog Starts Fire at Home in England Town by Turning on Microwave!

According to the Los Alamo's fire department, the grate had hot enough to melt the clothes. The heat passed into the heater and started the fire. Sharing the incident on Facebook, the fire department took to Facebook writing, "LAFD recommends homeowners ensure that smoke alarms are installed and working, that no combustible items be placed on or within three feet of heating devices or heat-producing appliances." Dog Saves Family by Alerting Them to Fire, Dies in Process.

Puppy Knows Down Ironing Board And Sets House on Fire:

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Fortunately, Kahuna and Paige were uninjured and escaped the fire. The fire department immediately arrived at the scene and limited the damage caused to the house. Los Alamos County Fire Department has warned people to not place combustible items and heating devices or appliances on heights when the house is locked. They have also asked people to ensure there are smoke alarms outside all bedrooms and on each level of a home.

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