Failing To Find Suitable Groom, Chandigarh Woman Sues Matchmaking Website and Wins Rs 70,000 Compensation
Marriage (Image used for representational purpose only)

This recent incident made a matrimonial website pay a compensation to one of their clients. The said client wanted to get married and had, therefore, approached the matchmaking web portal a sum of 58650 rupees for them to help her find a groom. The matchmaking website, Wedding Wish Pvt Ltd didn't perform up to the mark and therefore had to return the whole amount of money along with a compensation of Rs 7000 and litigation cost of Rs 5000, according to HT. Did you read the recent incident of a Pakistani Man Posing as Indian on Matrimonial Site to Dupe Woman, Threatens to Kill Over Marriage Refusal. 

Media reports have it that the woman filed a consumer complaint against the company and alleged the company for failing to provide her with the said services. Living in her late twenties stated that she had paid Rs 58,650 for a royal plan that was to last for 12 months. She was shown 21 profiles of potential partners and meetings were arranged accordingly. None of these profiles seemed to impress the woman as she found them not match her expectations. And even after the woman requested them to show more suggested men to her, the company failed to do so.

In the year 2016, 30th July a legal notice was sent to the website and company came up with their claims. They said that they completed their tasks and it was the client who terminated the deal and since they were supposed to send 21 profiles to her, they did send her 37 profile in form of a 'goodwill gesture,' and that she cancelled all the meetings.

However, the consumer forum didn't agree with the company and put forth a view a that just a few details of call recordings could not confirm their allegation. The court also noted that the client wasn't happy and ultimately did not receive proper services. The court ultimately ordered the company to compensate to her.