Did you have aliens on your list of what's happening in 2020? Well, that comes true, as Israeli space chief Haim Eshed revealed of a secret 'Galactic Federation' of aliens that is habituating on Earth. As per a former Israeli space security general, aliens are already present on the planet but they are not revealing themselves because humanity is not ready. In a recent interview he spoke about a lot more on these extra-terrestrials who have their base back in Mars! Soon as the news came up, netizens were quick with their reactions. In the midst of monolith mystery, of appearing and disappearing shiny structures in parts of the world, some have related to them to this Galactic Federation. While others prepare to find these aliens on earth. Funny memes, jokes, GIFS and videos are trending online with reference to this piece about discovery of aliens.

This is not the first time, the presence of aliens have made it to headlines in 2020. Earlier this year, when the Pentagon released videos of UAP files, there was similar reaction of funny memes and jokes. While, scientists have been working hard to find any trace of extra-terrestrial life on or around the planet, these recent revelations seem amusing. He adds that aliens do not want to cause mass hysteria with their presence and are waiting for humans to evolve more in their understanding of space and universe. But netizens are getting impatient and have already connected this Galactic Federation with the appearance of monoliths in different parts of the world.

Check Funny Memes on Galactic Federation Here:

Aliens Right Now...


Checking In The Situation

It Was Them!

Take Me 


They Are Behind The Monoliths...

Ready For This

Makes Sense

So there is definitely a certain kind of excitement about this Galactic Federation, at least that's the mood of these memes and jokes. What do you think about this recent update on alien existence? Ready to come across some alien beings around you.

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