2020 has entered its last month but has the strangeness of this year? Not really. An incidence that has caught all eyes across the globe these days is the discovery of a shiny monolith in Utah desert. Before people could wonder more about where it came from, it has just as mysteriously disappeared! So right after speculating alien connection to it, netizens turned to The Simpsons. At this point, it is not even surprising to find references of this year's happening in the popular animated American sitcom. So when Utah Monolith started a buzz on social media, netizens were quick to find references to episodes from The Simpsons, and this time, they think its a marketing gimmick! Some others have linked it to 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Meanwhile, a similar monolith was found in Romania today.

To give you a little background, on November 18, officers from the Utah Department of Public Safety's Aero Bureau saw the shining metal standing tall in middle of the desert canyon. And the news spread on social media, but within 10 days, the structure was nowhere to be seen, leaving just a few rocks. So as strangely as it appeared, it also disappeared and there are investigations launched to know what exactly happened. Meanwhile, netizens remember The Simpsons episode where Lisa finds a skeleton structure, which is actually a mall opening promotion. There are tweets linking the Utah monolith as "predictions" of The SimpsonsForget Utah Monolith, Now a Penis-Shaped Landmark From German Mountain Disappears From The Face of The Earth! (See Pics).

Check Tweets About Utah Monolith and The Simpsons Connection:

Guerilla Marketing?

It's a Mall Ad!

This Structure Will End up in a Mall

Here's The Episode of Lisa Finding The Angel Skeleton:

In another speculation, it is being linked to another film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Some have linked this to The Simpsons as well.

Check The Video From Space Odyssey:

The above video looks very much similar to the Utah Monolith. What do you think? The Simpsons have made several 'predictions' as per the fans and regular viewers of the show. But this looks more similar to Space Odyssey than the American sitcom.

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