We are already in the middle of the month of January, which means the month of showering love is not too far. Come February, and love starts filling the air. Valentines' Day is an important highlight for most of the couples out there. But if you are among those who are still scorning over your ex, then here's a gift idea that might make you feel better. Why would you want to gift your ex in the first place? Well, but its a cockroach! Thinking about it? It will cost you just £1.50 ie Rs 135, and these proceeds will help in animal conservation at the zoo! Want to Name a Frog, Mouse, Worm Along With 12 Other New Species of Plants and Animals After You? Just Bid For It!

This campaign is being run by Hemsley Conservation Centre in Kent, UK and while it may look mean and vengeful, it is also helping the zoo. They have started the 'name a cockroach programme' and hope to raise money for their projects. A statement from the zoo said, "For those that don't quite require revenge, there's another way to make you feel better about getting back at your ex this Valentine's Day. We are offering the chance to name a cockroach in honour of your worthless ex-'someone' on this special holiday of love." Post-Break-Up Sex: Sleeping With Your Ex Does Not Affect Moving On Emotionally.

It need not be an ex, you can also name it after a friend who has probably ditched you, or anyone who you want to get back at. Once you pay the amount, the name that you choose will be displayed at the cockroach enclosure. You can head to their website to do the needful. So while you may sometimes bump into your ex having a good life, after moving on, you can also know that there is a cockroach by their name in the zoo enclosure. So are you looking forward to the day of love after all?

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