Want to Name a Frog, Mouse, Worm Along With 12 Other New Species of Plants and Animals After You? Just Bid For It!
Name species of mouse, worm and frog after you (Photo credits: Pixabay)

A naming ceremony is one of the most awaited and important functions of one's life. People spend a lot of time to decide upon a name for a newborn child, or a pet or anything. But come to the field of science and one would often wonder who names the numerous species of animals that exist in this wide world. Well, now there is a good chance for a person to name these species, provided to have a good load of money! Researchers have started handing out the privilege of naming species to the highest bidder. Rainforest Trust, a conservation nonprofit in the United States is holding an auction to name 12 newly discovered species of plants and animals from South America. Name a Dinosaur After Yourself but you Need £1,000,000. 

The names could be anything- the person's name, their favourite name, dog's name or anything that they would like but there will be a bid for the name. The money that comes in from the auction will be used to conserve these species from extinction. The researchers at work will find space for conservation, undertake efforts to maintain them further. The species that are up for naming are four frogs of varying shades, four species of orchid, a red ant, grey forest mouse, a worm-like amphibian and salamander with tiny legs.

As interesting as this move may sound, it has different views from different people. Some worry that this will turn the studying species and their conservation into a commercial endeavour. A taxonomist from California Douglas Yanega said, "If we leap into something and don’t anticipate what can go wrong, then we’re leaving ourselves vulnerable. There are so many possible ways that it can go badly." Attractive Species Can go Extinct Faster Compared to Others, Says Research.

The bids for the name already started in the month of November. It is being conducted in a conventional auction house. The minimum bid for each of the species is $10,000. Dr Salaman a biologist said more than the names that will be odd it is the money that comes for the conservation is more important. "The key is the funding to save the species," he said. On that note, did you know that there is a wasp named after William Shakespeare, a horse fly called Beyonce and Dolly Parton has a leech with her name? If that really interests you then you too can have any one of the above-mentioned species after you.