Coronavirus sent the world in frenzy in the past few weeks and brought out the fear in people to the utmost. COVID 19 has taken lives of 7,171 people as today and 182,605 confirmed cases in 162 countries and territories. Naturally, people are immensely scared and are doing everything under their capability to protect themselves. While the major step has to be social distancing. People are also hoarding on things like hand sanitisers, masks and toilet papers. The sale of hand sanitisers has gone bonkers because people are worried. However, since hand sanitisers are made up of alcohol, practising Muslims refrain from its use. But some sellers have come up with a way for that too. They are selling "Halal Hand Sanitisers" for Muslims that is made up of ethanol. Fake Hand Sanitisers Sold in Mumbai As Demand Surges Amid Coronavirus Outbreak.

However, there is a catch. Ethanol is one of the primary components of alcohol. These sellers are targeting Muslim-Dominating countries, especially Malaysia where about 61 percent of people are practising Muslims. The COVID-19 outbreak has many marketers cash on "halal" hand sanitizers. For those who don't know, halal in Arabic means "permissible". These hand sanitisers are being sold for about 592 INR. Apart from not exactly being halal the exorbitant prices have disappointed a few people.

Moreover, for that price, it is being said that they are not as effective as alcohol-based hand sanitisers that are 60 to 95 percent more successful in killing germs. Coronavirus outbreak is being seen as an opportunity by many business people to make money from. Closer to home, In India, just recently, Haryana Food and Drug Administration (FDA) busted a fake hand sanitiser manufacturing company. They also seized at least 5,000 hand sanitizers, according to the drug controller officer, Ripan Mehta. That is not it, even a kid from Leeds, UK decided to use this as an opportunity to make a little extra money for snacks. He was expelled for selling hand sanitiser at school for £9 (858INR) per squirt to other students at the time of hand sanitiser crisis.

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