Kiren Rijiju Shares Beautiful Picture of West Bengal, Calling it Arunachal Pradesh, Nirmala Sitharaman Says Exotic; Both Get Trolled
Kiren Rijiju, Nirmala Sitharaman trolled (Photo Credits: Twitter)

New Delhi, September 25: Union Ministers Kiren Rijiju and Nirmala Sitharaman were trolled on social media after the former shared a beautiful picture from West Bengal claiming it to be from Arunachal Pradesh. After netizens pointed out their blunder, Nirmala Sitharaman corrected herself. However, the damage was done. Twitterati criticised Rijiju and Sitharamn left, right and centre for wrongly attributing the picture to Arunachal Pradesh. Piyush Goyal Admits He Wrongly Attributed Discovery of Gravity to Einstein Instead of Newton, Adds 'Everyone Makes Mistake'.

Rijiju, who is Minister of State for Sports and Minority Affairs, on Wednesday shared a picture of birds. "Come to amazing Arunachal Pradesh. You might get to click like this in the early morning!" he wrote while sharing the image. Sitharaman was among firsts who hailed the beauty captured in a camera and tweeted: "So exotic! From the beautiful Arunachal. Just looking at it brings joy." Both the ministers, however, got the place wrong. Priyanka Gandhi Uses Viral Cricket Video to Jab Modi Government Over Economic Slowdown.

Kiren Rijiju Shares Beautiful Picture From West Bengal to Invite People to Arunachal Pradesh:

Twitterati were quick to find out what was wrong in the caption. "Photo is clicked by Mr Setu who is member of The Himalayan Club. Also it's clicked in Mahananda wildlife sanctuary, West Bengal (sic)," a Twitter user commented below the picture shared by Rijiju. Others also made this assertion. The photographer who clicked the picture withdrew it from a Facebook group "to prevent further misuse".

Twitterati Point Out The Mistake:

After their mistake was pointed out, Sitharaman admitted that the photo was from West Bengal and not from Arunachal Pradesh. "I understand that this picture is from the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, West Bengal. Exotic, all the same," she wrote. Reacting to the incident, some took a dig at Sitharaman over handling of the economy and other important issues.

"This lack of knowledge is the reason of present economy. It’s very simple if you don’t know anything don’t put your nose in it (sic)," a person wrote. "Ma'am you have a time to reply to all things, but all CA's have tag you from last 15 days , you haven't replied to anyone, is it not your duty to clarify the things about date extension (sic)," another tweeted.