Kissing Menu! Couple Slammed For Keeping List of 'Things to Do' For Wedding Guests to See The Bride and Groom Kiss
Wedding kiss (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

One of the most important highlights about a Christian wedding ceremony is the kiss shared by the bride and groom. Other than the exchanging vows and saying "I do", people wait to hear the minister say, "You may now kiss the bride." But a certain couple did not want the guests to have it that easy, and thus gave them a 'kissing menu'! They wanted the guests to perform some fun activity like a song or a dance routine to see the couple kiss. Guests at the wedding were, however, not too pleased with the idea of the kissing menu. Now, they have slammed the couple online. Bridesmaid Fainted the Moment Married Couple Leans to Kiss! Twitterati Calls It the Best Wedding Throwback Ever.

In a wedding shaming group on Facebook, pictures of the Kissing Menu were put up. It read: "If you want to see the newlyweds kiss...a clink of the glass won't cut it! We're going to make you work for this! We have a list from which you can choose, for which you may need a little more booze. The better the performance, the better the kiss." While, the kissing menu is not an uncommon idea, it usually comprises some simple tasks like singing a song, performing a dance, or sharing a joke or a story. But this one had tasks that made the guests cringe. Sydney Couple Orders Extra 300 McDonald's Cheeseburgers for Wedding Guests After Lavish Dinner as a Treat.

The options included a newlywed trivia, demonstration of a kiss which the couple would imitate, marital advice for a happy marriage and asking the guests to kiss another guest! There was also an option where the guests to 'flip a coin and take their chances. If it is a head then the bride and groom will kiss or if its a tail then the guest has to kiss another guest.' As the menu was shared on Facebook, someone commented that no one wants to see the bride and groom kiss that bad! Ouch, that must've hurt.