Lady Gaga Has No Idea What Fortnite Is! Twitter Explodes with Funny Memes and Jokes That Are Going Viral
What is Fortnite asks Lady Gaga (Photo Credits: Twitter and instagram)

Fortnite is to the world what PubG is to India. A game that youngsters are obsessed with. But Lady Gaga recently became the target of online trolls after she admitted she doesn't know what Fortnite is. Just a few days ago, Fortnite was trending on Twitter like it has been doing from time to time, because of its popularity. The online game is extremely popular amongst the youngsters and just recently released Chapter 2 or the second part on October 15. It has been ruling the trending page, ever since. However, amidst all this, Gaga took on Twitter to ask her followers, "What is Fortnight? [sic.]"

The popular online game has over 250 million players worldwide, and Gaga seems to have no idea about it. This shocked all the players and fans of the game online and guess what followed? Memes, jokes and trolls. Enthusiasts grilled Lady Gaga in the funniest way possible. The memes and jokes are to die for. Even the ones who are not taking the humorous route, are expressing their surprise online. Google Year in Search 2018: Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption, Fallout 76 & God of War in Top 5 Video Games in Google Zeitgeist List.

Check Lady Gaga's Tweet:

Now, Check Out The Funny Memes, Jokes and Reactions:


Oh, Really?

Run Away

The Office Vibes

I Can't Even...


Haha Funny?



Um, What?



Oh. My. God.

Well, we'll always be #TeamLadyGaga. Maybe if Gaga doesn't know Fortnite, it doesn't need to exist. LOL. On another note, since Fortnite does exist, here are some of Halloween costume ideas inspired by Fortnite fighters, Catwoman, John Wick, Beach Bomber, Breakpoint, Fallen Love Ranger, Twistie, Bendie, skull trooper, Jaeger etc. The online game has become immensely popular and is loved all across the world. If you too are a gaming fan you might want to dress up like one of the fighters in the fortnite game, this Halloween.