Maine: Viral Video Dozens of Ducklings Halting the Biddeford Traffic in the Cutest Way Will Melt Your Heart!
Ducks crossing the road in Biddeford, Maine (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Biddeford, Maine saw an amazing sight of over dozens of ducklings creating the cutest traffic jam in the world. There have been instances time and again, wherein we have seen animals taking over the roads and holding the traffic for some time but it is really the whole sight of seeing a little bit for the animal world taking over the human world and our daily routine that makes our hearts melt. On Wednesday morning, Biddeford resident Karen Ramunno captured the scene this cute video that is going viral now. In the video, you can see a mother duck guiding about 45 ducklings across a five-lane road, very carefully. You'll also see the little ones following their mother's instructions and walking down the street with the mother duck taking the lead. Well, we recently also saw Traffic Come to Halt in Kerala as Flock of Ducks Crosses Road, watch the video here.

The beautiful duck parade came out of nowhere and brought traffic to a standstill in both directions. However, the good news is that each one of the ducks and ducklings was able to cross the road safely, of course under the brilliant leadership of the mother duck. While sometimes the creatures halting the traffic are as harmless as ducks but sometimes there are Anaconda Snake Crossing Road and Bringing Traffic to Halt in Brazil, Watch Viral Video here.

Take a look at the video of dozens of ducklings creating traffic:

This is not the first time that we have seen such unexpected guests halting running traffic. Recently, we saw a highly venomous snake popping up from a gutter drain on the streets of Melbourne and caused panic everywhere while halting the traffic for a long time. But surely nothing can top the "duck Tsunami" in Alappuzha, Kerala that caused the traffic to be held up while a group of ducks were trying to cross the road. Well, if the traffic always gets halted by animals and not by some kind of stupidity, we're totally loving it.