Mars Has Ice-Filled Craters and Twitterati Wants To Go Ice-Skating! View Stunning Images Released By ESA
Ice Crater Discovered on Mars. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ESA)

Want to go ice-skating? What about heading to Mars? This may be a joke now but a latest picture from Mars will make you wish it was true. A crater near the Noth Pole in Mars- the Korolev Crater is filled with a mound of water ice. The ice sheet is about 60 kilometres across and about 2 kilometres thick. The ice sheet in Mars stays and doesn't melt even during the six-month-long northern summer on Mars. It is said that the crater traps a layer of cold air that prevents ice from melting. Elon Musk Sent Aliens on Mars According to Famous UFO Hunter? View Pic of Alien Bots Captured by Curiosity Rover.

According to media reports, the image is based on five image strips captured by the High-Resolution Stereo Camera on board the European Space Agency’s Mars Express spacecraft. This spacecraft has been in orbit around Mars since 2003. The strips have been processed in a way to show how the crater may look like with naked eyes.

Take a look at the picture of the ice-filled crater in Mars.

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