Elon Musk Sent Aliens on Mars According to Famous UFO Hunter? View Pic of Alien Bots Captured by Curiosity Rover
Elon Musk sent aliens on Mars says UFO hunter (Photo credits: Twitter)

Elon Musk is a billionaire who can use technology to make spectacular creations. Be it sending a car to space or making a rescue submarine for a tunnel, the entrepreneur and investing genius has some significant inventions. But with that money could he have sent aliens on Mars? That's what a UFO hunter is speculating. Well if a Tesla car can seek its entry into space, then Musk could have also sent some robotic creatures to go on Mars, as per a new theory by Scott C. Waring, the internet's famous UFO hunter. Alien War With Humans? UFO Hunters Find Ancient Tank On Moon, See Video. 

Musk also has another big project of tunnel travel in making in LA with The Boring Company. While the entrepreneur is involved in such technological advances, Waring claims that in some secret activity Musk must have sent robotic creatures on the red planet. He made the claims after spotting tiny robots from NASA's footage of the Curiosity Rover. "Is it just me or have I just found a mini alien robot wandering around the Mars Curiosity rover? This mini robot is shiny metallic and has legs. The object looks like its clean and stands out for its dark stone environment really well," questions Scott C. Waring. NASA's Mars Probe ‘InSight’ Makes Touchdown on Red Planet's Surface.

Check Picture of Alien-Like Robot Captured by Curiosity Rover

Waring calls these tiny objects as a separate entity that is investigating on the NASA Curiosity Rover. So although it may not really be an 'alien,' but a bot that is spying. He expresses that it could be a doing of some other foreign country, but that wasn't what he wanted to suggest. He somehow thinks that Elon Musk has a role to play. He says, "It could be a private company like SpaceX trying to do it in secret so they wont be asked by a foreign country to do it for them too. That one really make sense since Elon Musk does some serious shit in space." Well, if Waring is to be believed then if Musk can send a Tesla Roadster into the outer space along with several other satellites at a time, then he can also send these microbots. Although the picture looks more like a rubble than actual alien bots.