Mumbai Trident Hotel Earns Praises for Placing Goldfish As ‘Perfect Dinner Companion’ for Customer Who Was Eating Alone (View Viral Pic)
Goldfish Antonio in Trident Hotel (Photo Credits: @PrakashMallya/ Twitter)

Travelling alone for work or any other reason is not always fun. And especially when you have to eat alone. There is a lot to be said while opting for a solo dining. You get time to reflect, you will not have anybody to compromise with, and you are open to meet new people. But that is not easy for everyone. When traveller, Prakash Mallya walked into the Trident Hotel’s restaurant in Mumbai for a quick meal, he was moved by the kind gesture. Knowing that he was eating alone, the restaurant’s staff placed a beautiful goldfish, swimming in a little jar as a “perfect dinner companion,” for him. Twitterati online is moved by the hospitality of Trident and soon began to praise the idea.

The adorable moment is from Trident Hotel, BKC. Mallya shared the adorable goldfish’s picture, who was named Antonio. He tweeted, “Land in Mumbai, walk into the hotel restaurant for a quick meal. The hotel staff come by to leave this on my table as company given I was eating alone. So nice & thoughtful and something that’s never happened in all my travel thus far.”

Here's the Viral Tweet:

Undoubtedly, the gesture is commendable, and Twitter unanimously agrees. They began to laud the Trident Hotel for their thoughtful move to its customer.

Twitterati is Impressed!

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People Need an Antonio Too

Trident Hotel Looks Forward to Welcome Mallya  Soon! 

In the time when Rahul Bose’s banana moment at Chandigarh JW Marriott, that raged the travellers across, Trident Hotel’s gesture for Mallya has given a powerful message. We so hope, that hotels and restaurants could arrange for similar companions if they see their customers dining out alone.