South Korean Man Builds ‘Wheelchair’ for His Pet Goldfish Suffering From Swim Bladder Disease (Watch Adorable Video)
South Korean man builts 'wheelchair' for his pet goldfish (Photo Credits: YouTube/Celeb Daily News)

Animal lovers always go the extra mile to help their pets with disability. We've seen prosthetic aids for dogs and cats that have helped them lead a normal life. Stuff like these just don't help the pets but also make the world a happier place. Recently, a cute goldfish got a "water wheelchair" and it is probably the best thing you'll see today. The fish suffers from swim bladder disorder and this "wheelchair" helps the goldfish stay afloat. The genius behind the creation is an animal lover and designer by profession, Henry Kim who created the device after some of his goldfish died from swim bladder disorder. The disease is known to make the affected float upside down or sink. 32-year-old Henry used Google to come up with his "moulded plastic invention", as per He is from Seoul, South Korea and has more than 20 goldfish in three tanks in his home.

What is Swim Bladder Disease?

Swim bladder disease is one of the most common problems in goldfish. While it is often called a "disease" or "disorder", it is actually a symptom of a health issue affecting the goldfish's swim bladder that can have a number of different causes. It is also called flip over because it causes the fishes to flip and is a common health condition in aquarium fish. The swim bladder is mainly an internal gas-filled organ that contributes to the ability of a fish to control its buoyancy. It causes the fish to stay at the current water depth without having to waste energy in swimming.

Goldfish gets a "water wheelchair" [Watch Video]:

This is not the first time fish lovers have gone above and beyond to help their pets. Remember in 2016 when a pet Nemo went on a 200-mile round trip to Bristol to have a tumour removed? Well, looks like the world isn't a bad place after all.