Every year on May 3, National Paranormal Day is celebrated... or feared maybe? Depends. You must have heard of ghost stories during childhood, but have you ever seen a ghost in real life? Now, there are so many theories. Of course, science doesn't believe in ghosts but people still do. Do YOU believe in ghosts? It is said that believing in ghosts and paranormal activities is very common. If we talk about common people, according to a survey conducted in America in 2019, 46% of people believe in ghosts. In this survey, 7% of the people also believe in vampires. Many people believe in paranormal activities and even life after death. National Paranormal Day 2022: From Nope to Halloween Ends, 5 Upcoming Horror Movies That Will Definitely Scare Your Socks Off!

It is said that sophisticated machines are used to see ghosts and check their presence by some who believe in paranormal activities. The most common of these machines are Geiger counters, electromagnetic field detectors, ion detectors, infrared cameras and sensitive microphones. But to date, ghosts have not been properly captured or seen using any of these instruments. It has been believed for centuries that the flames of fire turn blue in the presence of ghosts. But LPG gas emits mostly blue light, so do ghosts come out of the cylinder or do ghosts live in your kitchen? Well, the debate is never-ending. But meanwhile, we can  discuss beliefs about ghosts from all around the world. Check out:

  • In the US and even other countries, Halloween is celebrated as the festival of the Celtic tradition. They dress up as ghosts and goblins on the night of 31st October to celebrate the presence of paranormal beings.
  • People living in the Mediterranean and Europe believed in idols and deities. These people used to celebrate the Samhain festival because they believed that in this part of the year the difference between this world and that world of the paranormal disappears. Humans and phantoms inhabit the earth together.
  • Countries like Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China and Vietnam celebrate Ghost Month. One of these special days is celebrated as Phantom Day. It is believed that spirits roam freely on earth on 'Ghost Day'.
  • In Hinduism, the departed souls are regularly invoked. People of the Aghori sect are famous for this and on the patriarchal side, the people of Hinduism pay homage to their deceased ancestors. Souls are believed to return to this world and they are welcomed.
  • In Taiwan, ghosts are divided into good and bad. Friendly ghosts are those that are ancestrally or familiarly connected. They are welcomed in the house during Bhutotsav. On the other hand, ghosts that are not considered friendly are angry or hungry. Such ghosts scare human beings.

Scientists today believe that at present there is no technology that can detect the presence of ghosts, their shape or behaviour. But the question also arises how often in photographs or videos of people, ghosts running from behind, smiling, peeping, scared are seen? Are they just coincidences? Well, we'll never know for sure. Also, who began these ghost-related traditions?  And if they did there must have been a good reason. Was it just for peace of mind in that case? Questions are many. Well, by the time we look for answers, we wish you a very happy National Paranormal Day!

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