Naughty Kid Pushes Dog From Her Ride Is the Cutest Video on the Internet
Naughty Kid Pushes Dog From Her Ride (Photo Credits: 9gag/ Instagram)

The only thing which is cuter than a dog is a baby, but the cutest is when dogs and babies are together. Their bond is unbreakable, and you don’t need any science to explain that. As you welcome your newborn, it is certain to see your favourite pet roaming around and slightly being possessive for its tiny new friend. No matter how much they trouble their furry buddies, the pooches are always with their little masters. And thanks to the parents for taking pictures and videos, sharing the duo love on social media for us to go aww over and over again. Similarly, a video is going viral on Instagram, and it seems, the netizens cannot get enough of it. Chihuahua Accidentally Consumed Marijuana Edible! Video of Stoned Dog Goes Viral. 

Apart from their adorable, cuddly moments, babies often trouble their partners. Sometimes, by pinching the dog’s fur, sitting on top of them and annoy them to their best. In the recent video posted by 9Gag on Instagram, the little girl at first was giving a delightful ride to her dog on her baby transport. Must be annoyed, she instantly pushes the pooch from her trip. The little girl’s sudden annoyance naturally hurt the dog, but as expected the canine did not react to it and instead gave a quick glance to the camera. Cat Shares Some Fitness Goals While Doing Sit-Ups Underneath a Car! Watch the Cutest Workout Video. 

Watch the video here. 


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No matter how much they annoy them, the pooch is always a baby’s best company. They irritate, love, kiss, cuddle, take a nap together, play, learn to crawl, etc. all of their activities always melt our heart. No matter what, their bond is utterly the cutest of all.