Chihuahua Accidentally Consumed Marijuana Edible! Video of Stoned Dog Goes Viral
Chihuahua Accidentally Consumed Marijuana Edible (Photo Credits: @seth_2018/ Twitter)

Dog owners know it well that our pups can get into just about anything and find food in unexpected places. But those are usual human food and what we might not expect is our puppies getting into something really unusual; like edible marijuana. A teen’s dog accidentally consumed some edible that she found at a local park which led to a terrifying experience. The short video shared by 18-year-old Seth Mersing from Orange Grove Texas, showcasing the horrific yet amusing tale of his 3-year-old Chihuahua is going viral.

Rita was out on a daily walk with her master, Seth when she ate something she found on the ground. Seth told Buzzfeed News that initially he did not pay much attention. But 30 minutes later, Rita began to act strangely, and her master could not make out what exactly was wrong. He sensed that it was serious when Rita was losing her consciousness. Seth and his parents took her to the veterinarian. After undergoing a drug and urine test, the vet confirmed that Rita had tested positive for THC, the most potent chemical compound found in cannabis plants.

Rita looks completely terrified and stiff!

Seth assumes that Rita found a wrapper with the ‘THC wax or an actual edible.’ Little Rita was spent a night at the veterinary hospital. Seth took this video of an extremely stoned Rita which since gone insanely viral on the internet. Anyone who had gone way too high could relate with the 3-year-old which makes it funny. But poor Rita! She must be in wonder what on earth did she eat that left her in such bizarre.

As cute as it might seem, experts say that marijuana consumption is not suitable for pets. It can make them sick and equally traumatised. It is only safe to keep your four-legged away from smoke or edible marijuana products.