Nyack Killed by Zuri! 10-Year-Old Male African Lion Killed by Mother of His Cubs at Indianapolis Zoo
10-yr-old male African lion Nyack has died.(Photo Credit: Facebook/Indianapolis Zoo)

In a what turned out to be a tragic incident a 10-year-old male lion died at the hands of a female lion as announced by the Indianapolis zookeepers on Monday morning. It is apparently being said that they cohabitated peacefully for about eight years and then Nyack, the male lion, was killed in cold blood by Zuri, the female lion and also the mother of his cubs.

A statement issued by the Indianapolis Zoo had it that an “unusual amount of roaring,” drew their attention towards the two and that the “zoo personnel made every effort to separate the lions, but Zuri held Nyack by the neck until he stopped moving.” Tigers' Love Story at Delhi Zoo: Royal Bengal Tiger and White Tigress Are Married and Ready to Mate. 

Also, on their facebook page, they mentioned- 'Our Zoo family is sad to announce that 10-yr-old male African lion Nyack has died. Earlier this week he was injured during a physical incident with female lion Zuri. We will conduct a thorough review to attempt to understand what may have led to this. Zuri and the other three lions are all ok. Zuri and Nyack had three cubs together three years ago. Nyack was a magnificent lion, and he will be greatly missed. We appreciate the support from our community as we cope with the loss.'

Here's the picture of the Nyack-

On Twitter, they also mentioned- 'We will conduct a thorough review to attempt to understand what may have led to this.'

Cubs Enzi, Mashaka and Sukari survive Nyack.

Nobody knows the real reason behind this, but Zuri is said to be an “attentive and protective mother,” by various media sources. Whatever the reason may be, the beloved lion is no more among us, and his death is greatly grieved. R.I.P Nyack.