Pannalal, a Donkey in Karnataka Is Predicting Future and It Will Leave You Stunned (Watch Video)
Pannalal donkey (Photo Credits: Bhusan Gupta YouTube)

In Karnataka, a donkey is predicting people's future! A donkey named Pannalal is no ordinary animal and is drawing public attention for the same. It is not just fortune, the donkey knows who is wearing a white cap, who has not taken bath in two days and who will get a beautiful looking wife in the future! To watch Pannalal showcase his skills, you have to buy a ticket of Rs 20 and wait in the queue patiently. The donkey is quite an entertainer and villagers in  Karnataka's Kalaburagi city gather to see the donkey's antics.

A video from a fair in the village shows Pannala's owner Khaleel Ahmed Khan asking different questions while spectators watch. When asked who hasn't taken bath in two days, Pannalal circles the tent and stands in front of one of the visitors leaving everyone in splits. Pannalal has been a regular during annual fairs in Kalaburagi and draws crowds every time he comes to the fairs.

Watch the video here:

Here is an old video:

While this future telling animal is called Pannalal, donkeys doing similar antics are quite common at fairs in villages. These donkeys have a handler who takes care of its well-being. The donkey circles around the tent with people standing outside the round wooden fence. His handler then asks Pannalal different questions about people in the crowd. The handlers say that the donkey is no magician, but trained and is an intelligent performer. While they agree that Pannalal's predictions are not always correct, they say the show is worth people's money as it entertaining.